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Swimming is one of the most popular recreation activities in the world. Our in-ground swimming pools can provide families with hours of entertainment and the opportunity for healthy recreation. In-ground Pools offer a permanent home improvement that adds to the value of your home. If you are thinking about installing or building a swimming pool in your backyard, you can find a number of different pool and spa designs to choose from at In-ground Fiberglass Pools are built using molded fiberglass which is extremely durable and lasts for several years and are warrantied against cracking and leaking forever. Problems with fiberglass pools rarely occur as compared to other pool types, and at Expert Pool Builders, we stand behind our product and will always address any concerns you may have after installation is complete. Expert Pool Builders offer many different types of residential pools and commercial pools that you can select from. Advantages of fiberglass also include a smooth, non-abrasive finish -- no more scrapes, cuts or snagged bathing suits -- and an inert composition that helps inhibit algae formation, lowering chemical and maintenance costs. When comparing swimming pools, there is no other choice that beats the ease and comfort of a fiberglass pool.

Let us create a private backyard oasis for you and your family.

There is nothing as refreshing as taking a dip in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. With a fiberglass pool, you can create a private recreational area in your own backyard. From the basic backyard Fiberglass Swimming Pools of your dream, Expert Pool Builders can accomplish the entire project from concept to landscaping. We can create any kind of pool, with any specifications that you can possibly conceive! Experience the ultimate revitalizing effect of warm swirling water from an Expert Pool Builders Pool or Spa. Our Spas deliver the most advanced hydrotherapy available, with exceptional features that take into consideration the natural contours of the body.

Swimming Pool Design

Expert Pool Builders are an authorized pool distributor of Alaglas Pools, Liberty Composite Pools, Sun Fiberglass Pools and Viking Fiberglass Pools, the industry leader in fiberglass swimming pool construction. We have a model suitable for all occasions, locations and budgets. We can completely install the pool of your dreams for you and your family or you can choose to purchase a fiberglass pool kit and do it yourself. With our friendly and professional staff, we offer personalized service from concept to completion with unique and innovative designs. Browse through our number of different swimming pools lines of products to find the one that best suits your home decor and overall sense of style! We are the premiere pool builders in the Chicago area and surrounding neighborhoods! Please feel free to contact us for a list of current installation projects and stop by and visit at any time!

The Cost of a Fiberglass Pool

While investing in an in-ground pool may seem costly, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that in-ground fiberglass pool prices are affordable and manageable. There is a comparison chart on our website that compares the actual operating costs of owning a fiberglass pool compared toi a vinyl lined and gunite type pool. You will be amazed at how much you save in chemical costs, maintenance costs and cost to heat the pool. Unlike more costly choices, in-ground fiberglass pools offer budget-friendly options while still allowing you the versatility to choose the style and shape that best suits your needs. Fiberglass pool reviews consistently rank fiberglass pools higher due to their longevity, affordability and versatile design options.

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