Four-Stage Manufacturing - The A.C.P.™ (Advanced Composite Pool)

Combining premium raw materials and our unique four-stage manufacturing process creates a pool with unsurpassed appearance and performance.

A.C.P.™(Advanced Composite Pool)

The combining of premium raw materials and our unique four stage manufacturing process creates a pool of unequaled look and performance.

Closed Beam Coping:

Means your pool is built using the strongest method of construction in the industry.

Expert Pool Builder's Finish:

Whether it's the natural beauty of Crystite or the standard gel coat, Expert Pool's pool finishes have an incredible 7-yr warranty.

Vinyl Ester Resin:

Provides you with greater impact resistance, optimum blister protection and a beautiful profile.

Hand Laid Fiberglass:

The final stage of every Expert Pool's pool is a specially designed resin and hand laid fiberglass.

Exclusive Ceramic Core:

The heart of every Expert Pools pool is the ceramic core, sandwiched between two protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass. It adds a greater stiffness to the pool walls and provides enhanced water resistance. Independent lab tests showed that Expert Pools had the Flexural strength of 41,976 P.S.I.

ACP Layering

A New fiberglass Pool progresses through the manufacturing process...

Pool lighting
Pool lighting
Pool lighting
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ABOUT: Fiberglass Pool Manufacturing and our philosophy

Fiberglass pool manufacturers

There are a lot of fiberglass pool manufacturers out there, and we have done our homework to bring you the best of the best. We put our expert level experience to work for you in order to make sure we provide the highest in quality and value to our customers.

Viking fiberglass pool manufacturers

Viking Pools was founded in 1975 by a man named Alan Stahl. One of the qualities that make Viking the best of the fiberglass pool manufacturers is their drive to create new technologies. For instance, Viking now offers A.C.P., or the Advanced Composite Pool.

The A.C.P. employs layers of high-quality materials that give these pools added strength. Fiberglass is layered against a ceramic core, a layer of vinyl ester resin, and a final layer of finish. The result is a pool that is 78 percent stronger than regular fiberglass pools and 33 percent thicker. The Vantage in-floor cleaning system enables these pools to be self-cleaning. Viking Pools also are able to be lined with inlaid tile. It costs more, but it looks absolutely spectacular. If you can afford it, a tiled pool is a luxurious item which will be a joy to live with, and which will help fetch a significantly higher price for your home if you should decide to sell.

Other manufacturers typically offer only a 25-year warranty, while Viking offers a lifetime warranty. Viking can afford to be generous with their warranty offers, because their pools are simply more durable than other fiberglass pools. In addition to adding greater strength, the A.C.P.’s ceramic core also adds another layer of waterproofing.

Viking swimming pool construction

One thing that makes Viking pools great is closed beam coping. This type of coping is unusual and results in a far stronger pool. Viking swimming pool construction also includes a ceramic core. The importance of this ceramic core cannot be overstated. The ceramic is layered in between a protective layer of resin (vinyl ester resin) and a layer of fiberglass.

Simply put, this layer of ceramic makes Viking pools stronger – 78 percent stronger than standard fiberglass pools, in fact. The Flexular strength of a Viking pool is 41,976 pounds per square inch. The Flexular strength of a typical fiberglass pool is 23,500 pounds per square inch. Perhaps this explains why most pool companies offer a 25-year warranty, and Viking offers a lifetime warranty.

Another terrific thing about Viking’s construction is the finish. Viking pools can be finished in Crystite, a finish which they developed in 1995. Crystite costs more than the standard gel coat finish, but it provides a beautifully natural look. In 1996, Viking’s ever-improving technology allowed for the creation of pools finished with inlaid tile.

Swimming pool construction

The swimming pool construction of Viking fiberglass pools is superior to that of their competitors. As Michigan’s top-ranked builder of in-ground pools, we here at Expert Pool Builders, have the leverage to work with any manufacturer we want. We choose to work with Viking exclusively, because everything from their warranty to their swimming pool construction is simply the best.

Location, Location, Location

In addition to offering the best pool In the industry, Viking pools has 4 convenient locations to serve you. No matter where you are from, we have the ability to ship a pool directly to your door. We have even shipped pools overseas to accommodate our customers. Click here to receive a free quote.